Théâtre de la Comédie de Genève


Équipements publics, Culture et vie sociale

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T-ingénierie - Batiserf - Brasey

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Ville de Genève

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Changement A Vue, scénographe - Kahle Acoustics, acousticien - 8'18'', concepteurs lumière - EPPAG, ingénieur façades - RG Riedweg et Gendre SA, CVC

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98'000'000 CHF TTC




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A true machine for creating culture, and certainly dreams, the project expresses itself through its characteristic cross-section that defines its sloping silhouette. In the new district of the Eaux-Vives train station, which was recently overturned by the arrival of the CEVA line and its glass station, the rectangular urban form of the theater respects the urban plan. The emergence of the four excrescences reflects the programmatic distribution with the large functional spaces that form the main hall and its stage tower, the experimental rooms, the large workshops and the administration. The plan reflects the cross-section, both simple and effective: to the south, on the newly created square, opens the large linear foyer whose concrete ceiling once again reveals the design of the spacing of the major volumes; to the north, facing the existing residential area, are the courtyards for internal use that run along the same glass façade. Slipped between these rectilinear distribution bands, all the spaces find their right place and are innervated by a very rational distribution system. The generous spans induced by the function imposed the choice of concrete as the material that accompanies the space. On the façade, the glass and its repetitive and rigorous grid, as well as the perforated metal, give the whole a contemporary nature that subtly blends with the modular writing of the emerging aedicules of the underground station. Philippe Meier

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Théâtre de la Comédie de Genève

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