Logements à Corsier


Habitation, Commerce et artisanat, Bureaux

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Ingénieur civil

Ingeni SA et ESM GROUP

Maître de l'ouvrage

Ch. Bonnet

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

In Situ paysagiste

Surface brute

5'000 m2




mandat direct


atelier Bonnet architectes

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On this plot on the northeast exit from the village of Corsier, in a former agricultural zone, the project consists in replacing the warehouses of a masonry firm with two small residential apartment buildings and a commercial building. Completed in stages, the complex is composed of two buildings perpendicular to the slope, incorporating an underground car park and a third building parallel to the topology of the place. The plot is accessed by a road passing in front of the firm’s new headquarters and leading to a courtyard which, on the east side, that is to say the side of one of the two residential buildings, appears in the form of a large overhang. This acts as a reception area and a covered area for vehicles. From this place, whose landscape is quite spectacular, you take an architectural route leading to the apartments in the form of small villas. The living room in each of these, with a more than generous high ceiling, looks out on to a country landscape with Lake Geneva and the Jura mountains in the background. The duplex theme is repeated in the other apartment building. The facades are in rough, precast tinted concrete. The material is used with great precision: the concrete joints – expressing the stages in construction – become a feature of the project, just as the print marking on the shuttering panels. The low walls of the outdoor spaces also blend in with the buildings.

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Logements à Corsier

Avenue Rosemont 6
1208 Genève

Tél: +41 22 786 38 47


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Arrêt "Corsier Village" : Ligne G

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