Crèche à la Chapelle-Les-Sciers


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Perreten & Milleret

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Ville de Lancy

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Surface brute

1979 m2


12 millions




Lacroix Chessex

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At the north entrance of the recent residential district of Chapelle-Les Sciers, the crèche occupies a site particularly well suited to its purpose, with trees and a clearing at the edge of which it stands. The project favours its own rules of composition by which it can both belong in the place while creating its own world dominated by a particular idea of childhood. The “C” shaped layout is distorted to underline the tensions both external – a very strong link with the covered playground – and internal, to energize the space. This very characteristic urban form announces a whole series of positions on architectural style which sets out to be “liberated” from any too obvious academic reference, even if it is reminiscent of the Carlos Ramos pavilion (Alvaro Siza, 1985-1986): arrangement of the openings on the façade and in the roof, the use of different oblique planes, the design of the exterior features, etc. Despite this attitude that could be described as “complex free”, the crèche follows the very codified functional principles laid down by the administration. Here the geometry becomes a programmatic asset that permits a precise response to demand. The four toddler development rooms are located in projecting arms turned towards the courtyard while the common curricular activities are dispersed along the road. The materials have been chosen for their texture, colour or perceptual quality, predominantly natural oak cladding on a rough concrete structure. The quality of the small service pavilion, a pleated concrete sculpture, should also be mentioned.

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Crèche à la Chapelle-Les-Sciers

Rue des Cordiers 4
1207 Genève

Tél: 0223005407

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12, 22, 42, 43, 46, D, 72

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