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Ingénieur civil

Thomas Jundt, ingénieur civil

Maître de l'ouvrage

Fondation HBM Jean-Dutoit

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ingénieur chauffage-ventilation: Dominique Hirt ingénieur sanitaire: Schumacher SA ingénieur électricité: Zanetti ingénieurs conseils

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12'820 m2






Burckhardt Partner,Meier + associés architectes

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Recent projects of such length have been rare in Geneva. The urban form of this building accommodating one hundred and twenty low-cost housing units results from a prior constraint: a local zoning plan (plan localise de quartier) which had fixed the contours. A residence for the elderly (résidence pour personnes âgées – EMS) is installed perpendicularly. The building comprises seven pathways with its ground floor entirely devoted to commercial activities. Three public passageways are planned under the construction. They give access to the various entrances and also connect to the new tram stop on route de Meyrin with a public garden, along by rue Liotard. There are twelve secure apartments for the elderly near the EMS with, on the ground floor, service rooms connecting to the institution next door. The relative narrowness of the building – some thirteen metres fifty – and the north-south aspect allowed a reinterpretation of a traditional Geneva typology, that is to say two double aspect dwellings and one south aspect dwelling. The apartments are accessed from the north by staircases on to which natural light flows. The façade is entirely in prefabricated in concrete, with composite panels, comprising the bearer, insulation and covering. On the garden site, the construction is strongly folded with large open loggias that catch the light; on the street side, the envelope is formed by these concrete bands, that are also very slightly folded in order to give a unity of expression.

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Logements route de Meyrin

meier + associés architectes

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Arrêt "Vieusseux": Lignes 14 et 18

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