Quartier de l'Adret



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Non désigné pour le moment

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FPLC, Association Nicolas Bogueret et Coopérative d'habitation Rhône-Arve

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23'000 m2




concours, mandat d'études parallèles


Lopes & Périnet-Marquet Architectes

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In adopting the layout suggested in the street map, the constructions complement a future sector, structured around 'urban rooms' meant as meeting points and links between public space and private and community housing. The project stretches along the above-located Crêtes walkway, which marks the boundary between the Lancy hillside and the la Praille plateau. East, the neighbourhood is marked by a strong activity which is now undergoing some change. The building area of these future constructions is thus located at the meeting- point of differentiated urban settings. These contrasts are strongly shaped by the restrictions resulting from the nearby railroad tracks. They have been integrated into the early thoughts since they impose, amongst others, a single orientation of the constructions for the HM buildings and for the housing meant for people in vocational training. For these two latter groups, a project had to be developed in which light and view come almost exclusively from the West, without losing in living quality, nor in floor space. A set of sawtooth patterns and functions overlap result in the optimization of the façade. The façades opening onto the railroad tracks are marked by their environment. Glazed surfaces are limited as a result of their attributes; they nevertheless confer to horizontal traffic a privileged sequential relationship with the recent urban development of the City of Geneva.

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Quartier de l'Adret

8 rue des Maraîchers

Tél: 022 735 18 02


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Arrêt "P+R Etoile": Lignes 15, D, 4, 21