Quartier de l'Adret - PROJET


Habitation, Commerce et artisanat, Équipements publics, Culture et vie sociale, Espaces publics

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Ingénieur civil

Perreten & Milleret SA

Maître de l'ouvrage

Fondation Communale Immobilière de Lancy et Fondation Communale pour le logement des personnes âgées

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

CSD Ingénieurs SA, ingénieurs CVSE

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TRIBU architecture

Descriptif Descriptif

The property project shall extend along the Crêtes walkway, which marks the boundary between the Lancy hillside and the la Praille plateau, former swamp of the Arve river. The buildings constitute a central block that opens on the Crêtes walkway and the 'rue de la gare'. The central courtyard garden includes several areas enabling the encounter of users and residents : mineral terrace for the restaurant, grassed surface, pool of water in the background. Buildings L14, L15 and L1 act as bridgehead of the new district. Building L2 is linked to the street map system : a set of residential buildings located in a park housing lots B and C of the new district. The FCLPA buildings L14 and L15 contain senior and student's housing. The various types of housing are spread across the building so as to foster exchanges and reduce the segregation between the different profiles of residents. The "thick" façades build a protection against the relatively hostile environment and meets the increased need of the seniors for protection. A generous, luminous empty space feeds inner streets at each floor. The FCIL buildings L1 and L2 contain low-rent housing. They are accessible through the shared courtyard garden. The reduced thickness of the volumes allows crossing apartments, with double exposure. In building L1, staircases located along the front side protect living spaces from noise pollution.

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Quartier de l'Adret - PROJET

rue de Bourg 16-20
1003 Lausanne

Tél: 021 331 04 40


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Arrêt "Gare CFF Lancy-Pont-Rouge" Arrêt "P+R Etoile": Lignes 4, 15, 21, D