Cycle d’orientation de Cayla


Éducation, Équipements publics, Espaces publics

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Thomas Jundt Ingénieurs + CKN Ingénieurs

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Etat de Genève (Département de l’Aménagement, de l’équipement et du Logement)

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17’558 m2






Baillif-Loponte,LRS Architectes

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The new Cayla middle school replaces the previous temporary wooden school buildings dating back to the 1970s. The current buildings, three simple units, stand on a rectangular public square and constitute a group which find an appropriate scale by clearly separating the activities. This layout also allowed construction in stages. The main building, located to the south of the site, accommodates all the school’s classrooms and administrative departments. It is on three floors above the ground floor. The classrooms are installed on perimeter of the four sides. The centre of the structure is “dug out” to accommodate interior spaces with double height, which communicate spatially and visually with each other, with two patios providing light. They are intended for common programmes The Arts building is to the east of the site and it is there that the Aula, refectory and artistic activity rooms are to be installed. Its independent, detached status is also justified by extra-curriculum use. Access under a long roof, allows different entrances to be allocated. To the northeast, a large single-floor building emerges, comprising three gymnastic rooms in a half-buried basement. For the three buildings, raw concrete predominates in interior spaces and the façade is composed of alternating transparent glass and enamelled panels. The floor slabs of each storey are marked by an Eternit band.

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Cycle d’orientation de Cayla

Rue des Pâquis 35 - 1201 Genève

Tél: +41 22 906 05 95

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Arrêt "Contrat-Social": Lignes 7 et 9

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Image "avant travaux" et plans ©LRS architectes Images ©Thomas Jantscher