CICR - Halle logistique



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Comité International de la Croix-Rouge

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

Zanetti Ingénieurs Conseils, Energestion SA, BCS S.A., Archiwatt Sàrl, Architecture & Acoustique Sa, HEIMBERG & Cie SA

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11'500 m2







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Bordering on the Meyrin-Satigny industrial and craft zone, the ICRC logistics hall has a strange, fascinating shape. Its original design stems from the metaphorical reinterpretation of a survival tent that is often associated with media images concerning actions of international organisations. Whilst the external envelope forms a single unit, the building’s internal functions are clearly separated into two separate parts: firstly, a large secure warehouse for the delivery and storage of mutual aid equipment and, secondly, a part dedicated to the administrative management of humanitarian aid. The area dedicated to the latter activity features, in its centre, an atrium on which light is shed through a large skylight and an open air patio used as a terrace for relaxing. The solution found for the construction of this façade separate from the useful volume is the installation of a tubular steel structure that becomes the support for a white composite membrane stretched over the metal bars. As a result of this rather simple, but very effective use of an external skin, consisting of a number of triangles, the façade appears to vibrate according to the orientation of the sun, offering a variety of shades of white. The openings inside this very expressive envelope, that is to say the large windows and doors necessary for its function, have an orthogonal geometric shape.

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CICR - Halle logistique

Rue Baylon 2 bis 1227 Carouge

Tél: +41 22 560 88 88

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Arrêt "Pré-de-la-Fontaine" : Lignes 57, Y Arrêt "Pré-Bouvier": Ligne 54

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Images ©Régis Golay, FEDERAL studio