Bâtiment administratif de la ville de Lancy & requalification du parc de la Mairie


Bureaux, Équipements publics, Espaces publics

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Thomas Jundt Ingénieurs civils SA

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Ville de Lancy

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2'080 m2 bâtiment / 1'700 m2 parking






Beyeler Colaco Roesti Architectes

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The new administrative building for Lancy stands in a large linear park on a steep slope overlooking the future “Praille-Acacias-Vernets” district. Four older buildings already stood on this site. This last building falls naturally within this 'residential” scheme and houses all the “non political” services of this large Geneva commune. The architectural element is based on the idea of interior courtyards that run from one side of the building to the other linking functions in a three-dimensional way, or even four-dimensional if the notion of time is included. It combines a relationship to the landscape - with large glazed windows and a single material - lightly tinted exposed concrete. The very precise positioning of the staircases and ramps that form this dynamic and very coherent development has made it possible to take account of the slope of the land in relation to different floor voids, linked to the diverse activities allocated as one rises to the top of the building. A dichotomy of interior surface finishes has been chosen deliberately to distinguish the part of the building divided into rooms from the offices or other communal areas. The façade exploits the “glass box” theme, but with a depth conferred on it by a group of independent elements that give it its distinctive perceptive character. The project team is also working on the renovation of the Villa Rapin in the grounds, an underground car park cleverly hidden from view, and landscaping of the area immediately surrounding it.

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Bâtiment administratif de la ville de Lancy & requalification du parc de la Mairie

BCRarchitectes Clos de la Fonderie 3
1227 Carouge

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Arrêt "Lancy-Mairie" : Ligne 15

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