Cedar Housing



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ESM Ingénierie SA

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Architech SA (direction des travaux), Després études énergétiques (ingénieur physique du bâtiment), Tech Building SA (ingénieur systèmes CVC), Blue Etudes Sanitaires SA (ingénieur sanitaires). Nos photographies sont à créditer au nom de Julien Lanoo et notre vidéo avant construction est à créditer à Régis Golay / Federal Studio.

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1’098 m2




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FdMP architectes Genève

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How to densify a part of the Geneva villa zone whose landscape character is recognized by all, but on which urbanistic outrages are legion? By grouping two plots along a road that serves the small existing residential area, the architects first paid tribute to the hundred-year-old cedar that adorns the site. By wrapping the new housing around its majestic crown, they then treated the approaches "American style", without barriers, giving the access a fluidity uncommon in our country. By carefully analyzing the context, they also understood that their proposal for a natural wood intervention would fit well with the surrounding building with a predominant presence of clay tile roofs. The volumetric composition is simple but rich, thanks to a sculptural and mechanical work of identical "boxes" placed in slight offsets conferring a right scale to this grouped housing complex, in harmony with the neighborhood. Each floor stands out and creates a play of shadows either in negative on the side of the tree, or in positive on the side of the large shared private garden, while the wooden cladding offers some nuances of textures and tints. From a typological point of view, the dwellings are conceived as small houses, which can be divided into duplexes or triplexes, offering an aggregative, repetitive, efficient and economical solution. The project affirms the presence of the living rooms on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the upper floor, half of which look out onto the preserved tree. Philippe Meier

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Cedar Housing

Rue Chantepoulet 1
1201 Genève

Tél: 0229097999


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