EMS de Drize


Habitation, Équipements publics

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Ingénieur civil

MDI Ingénieurs Conseils Sàrl, Ivan de Marsano

Maître de l'ouvrage

FIBCT - EMS de Drize - Fondation intercommunale de Bardonnex, Carouge et Troinex

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

acau architecture SA (Direction de chantier)

Surface brute

6'100 m2







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Located on a large plot at the heart of a zone of villas on the southern perimetre of the town of Carouge, the special sculptural form of "Drize nursing home" stands in a very green environment. The large overhang indicates the main entrance which leads to the large communal room. The ground floor contains all shared activities and benefits from extensions to the garden, through two wide terraces. The two upper floors, designed to be bedrooms, are spatially linked to the communal spaces through a vertical interior courtyard bathed in light from above, a founding element of the expression of a community that must be both individual and collective. The cut-out geometry of the plane allows bedroom blocks to be distributed according to the dimensions of the portions of rectilinear facades and advantage to be taken of interruptions to install the floor’s living rooms or dining rooms, whilst allowing the natural light to penetrate. The bedroom space is comfortable and designed for its occupant: large window in natural wood to frame the landscape, its ledge acting as a seat, entrance marked by an oak veneer recess and large bathroom. The volume is covered in traditional tiles with large rectangular openings for delicate frames in anodised aluminum. The inner walls are white, contrasting with the floors in natural wood.

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EMS de Drize

0815 Architekten Rue Frédéric-Chaillet 7, 1700 Fribourg

Tél: +41 26 424 23 88


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Arrêt "Drize": ligne 44 Arrêt "Carouge (Rondeau)": lignes 12 - 18 - 42 - 41- 44 - 45

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