Quartier de l'Adret, lots D & E


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FPLC, Coopérative Cité-Derrière Lancy Pont-Rouge, Fondation Camille Martin

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jbmn & Favre Guth (lot L13)

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TRIBU architecture

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Urban Concept: The buildings are a reaction to a hostile context. The need for protection against major risks entailed closing off the railway side of the site. This wall is a real protective shell that epitomises the building and makes it comparable to an animal: the armadillo, recognisable by its bony plates that form a defensive armour when it rolls into a ball. Expression: The challenge is to avoid the appearance of a fortress with loopholes to protect it. The protection is treated as an asset for the architectural identity of the project. Scales enliven this long wall, which, through the interplay of motifs and shadows, becomes an urban sculpture. The narrow windows, reduced to their bare minimum, positioned in the gaps between the scales, tend to disappear depending on the viewpoint and reinforce the perception of a carapace. The huge railway building facing the site on the other side of the tracks, together with the majestic cluster of rails, had a great influence of the appearance of the façade, which could be perceived as a reinterpretation of the railway character of the location. The terracotta slabs offered with 3 variations of vertical motifs, uniformly over the 5 buildings, reinforce the romanticism of the railway. The treatment is continued on all four sides. This enclosing wall is counterbalanced by a large opening, made possible by numerous catsteps. The blocks are hollow to increase the number of aspects and allow light to penetrate deep into the buildings. All the buildings are cut into indiscriminately in order to provide generous loggias and openings looking out over the landscape.

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Quartier de l'Adret, lots D & E

Rue de Bourg 16-20 1004 Lausanne

Tél: 021 331 04 40


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Gare Lancy Pont-Rouge Tram 14 - 15, arrêt P+R Etoile