Pavillon Geisendorf


Éducation, Équipements publics, Espaces publics

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Ratio-Bois Sàrl / Studio Guscio Sàrl / Normal Office Sàrl

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Ville de Genève

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Klaus Holzhausen architecte paysagiste, Girani & Perrillat Direction des travaux-Architectes Sàrl, DSSA Ingénieurs Conseils SA, M+S Ingénieurs Conseils SA, Bureau Technique Sanitaire Michele Napolillo, Gartenmann Engineering AG, Inexis Sàrl, GADZ SA, HKD géomatique SA,

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David Reffo architecte

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At the northern end of Geisendorf Park, stands the new pavilion that completes the famous school complex by Georges Brera and Paul Waltenspühl (1952-1969). Housing two large dining halls and extracurricular activities for 200 students, the project composes a so-called "mill wing" plan, with three of the four facades facing directly towards the existing buildings. This look towards the old school from which the author draws his inspiration, while knowing how to detach himself from it, finely inscribes the building in this landscape site of very high quality. Beyond the clear implantation, which takes into account an access designed in the 50's and not realized, it is by the fabrication of the architectural object that the project questions the future. Indeed, the minimal earthwork, the wooden structure and facade, the raw earth partitions and the low-tech energy concept are the basis of a very contemporary reflection. Here, more than 15% of the earth from the excavation was used to build the 22,000 blocks of wall in situ. Their texture reflects the underground origin by the presence of traces of life and imperfections and invites to touch the material. In this case, the Swiss wood industry supplied the fir for the structure, the larch for the elements of the envelope, and the ash for the interior frames. Finally, it is thanks to a client who knew how to listen and agreed to invest in this research that this pilot project was able to come into being. Philippe Meier

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Pavillon Geisendorf

David Reffo Architecte Rue du Beulet 4 1203 Genève

Tél: +41 22 340 04 81

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Photos : Didier Jordan / Ville de Genève - Olivier Chamard