Maison de la Paix


Éducation, Bureaux, Équipements publics

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2M ingénierie civile SA

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Steiner SA Enerconom AG Sorane SA BCS SA

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38'000 m2






Ipas architectes

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The Maison de la Paix is installed along the railway track, on a base at two levels on the train side. Its roof creates a public promenade leading to La Paix footbridge. The form chosen for the construction is entirely organic and surprising. It consists of several glass “petals”, touching in plane and cross section. They become bigger as you go along chemin Rigot. Several passageways under the building are created to maintain permeability for the users of the place. Designed for administrative activities, the typology is innovative by the introduction of these "almond” shapes with at their centre atriums in which spiral staircases take you from one floor to the next and from which the offices lead off. The building comprises private university teaching premises (IHEID) and accommodates various organisations active in the international field. The lower part of the base houses the conference room, its lobby and the large library partly open to the railway lines. The metal structure is based on a bearer system composed of tubular structure assembled in such a way that it spans the large overhangs and open up passageways under the volumes. The entirely glazed façade is made of a double skin that confirms the idea of a fluid, abstract form as well as solving issues of sound pollution due to railway and road traffic.

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Maison de la Paix

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