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Ingénieur civil

Ingeni SA (ingénieur structurel civil - béton armé et charpente métallique) / B+S Ingénieurs Conseil SA, Genève (travaux spéciaux, terrassement et aménagements extérieurs)

Maître de l'ouvrage

JTI (Japan Tobacco International)

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

Ingénieurs structure et béton armé SOM/ Ingeni SA Entreprise de construction générale Implenia Suisse SA Bureau en charge de l'exécution de l'ouvrage Burckhardt+Partner SA Ingénieurs civils (terrassement et aménagements extérieurs) B + S Ingénieurs conseils SA Ingénieurs électricité MAB – Ingénierie SA Ingénieurs chauffage ventilation sanitaire Weinmann-Energies SA

Surface brute

~ 28'000 m2






Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Inc. (SOM)

Interview de l'architecte Interview de l'architecte

Descriptif Descriptif

The new world headquarters of JTI stands on the former industrial site of Sécheron, a changing district, comprising buildings of all periods and geometries. The form of this building strongly stands out in this place and its characteristic silhouette can be seen from afar. The complex volume is as if folded onto itself and terminates on two sides by impressive overhangs. The centre of this sculptural edifice defines a courtyard which brings natural light into the heart of the building. The entrance to the large entrance hall, which spans the building and is open to several floors, is located on rue Kazem-Radjavi. The plans for the administrative floors are all slightly different, since dependant on the specific contour of the predefined built form. However, they show great typological rationality by the precise layout of staircase, lift and service cores at the centre of open space office floors. The structure is entirely in steel and it is just as much a work of art as an administrative building. During the works, large hydraulic jacks supported the immense metal diagonal pieces while all the components were connected to create a beam effect. Apart from the building “heads” and the interior of the courtyard, the façade are executed according to the principle of a double skin in glass, the last layer consisting of large glazed panels, cut diagonally.

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JTI - siège international

Owings & Merrill
Inc. (SOM) - bureau de Londres (design intérieur: bureau de New York) The Broadgate Tower 20 Primrose Street LONDON

Tél: +44 (0)207 798 1000


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Arrêt "Gare CFF Sécheron": Train R Arrêt "France": Ligne 15 Arrêt "Mines": Lignes 1, 25 Arrêt "Rigot": Lignes 11, 28

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Images ©JTI Adrien Barakat et ©JTI Oliver O'Hanlon Plans ©SOM