Centre d'accueil de réfugiés au parc Rigot


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As if it were obvious, the layout of the two buildings is simple, rational and radical. Like a duty, the architecture states its social dimension, that of sharing thanks to this opposite where the corridors look at each other. Like a necessity, the housing, which is intended for a population weakened by forced exile and an often perilous journey, shows its dignity here. Although it is a temporary architecture, the way it is composed, designed and built evokes permanence rather than ephemerality. In the manner of a beautiful lesson of things, the assemblies are declined by their clarity and return to the premises of the ancestral laws of the entablature: a base, a column, a beam, a floor. However, the project is also and above all in phase with contemporary methods of implementation, such as the use of a principle of prefabricated modules and assembled in a very short time, while offering a typological adaptability by addition. Precise, local and sustainable, the wood construction is displayed with the rigor of its design. The piles driven into the ground are also made of trunks, as if to better anchor the postulate of this dismantlability, announcing that the integration of the migrants has been successful. On the upper floors, it is a happy mixture of Swiss spruce that makes up the surfaces of the modular apartments and Geneva oak that preciously envelops these two vessels anchored at the gates of international Geneva. Philippe Meier

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Centre d'accueil de réfugiés au parc Rigot

acau architecture sa 9 rue des Allobroges CH - 1227 Carouge

Tél: +41223430330


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