Passerelle de la Paix


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Ingénieur civil

DIC SA Ingénieurs (pilote de l'exécution)

Maître de l'ouvrage

Ville de Genève, service du génie civil et service de l'aménagement urbain et de la mobilité

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

CP Ingénieurs civils SA (Co-auteur du projet)

Surface brute

960 m2






Pierre-Alain Dupraz Architecte

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La Paix footbridge is at the centre a soft mobility urban connection linking place des Nations to Perle-du-Lac park. It transits by Maison de la Paix, overslung from its base on the north side. Designed in two large sections, of slightly different dimensions, the bridge passes over the railway line with an intermediary support at the level of the RER train station, which breaks the span. The structure’s two abutments and double central pillar are in concrete whereas the four horizontal truss beams are metal. The general design of the bridge seeks to give a sculptural effect: a slanting form whose bends join diagonally two inflection points, which are the entrance to the train station in the centre and the staircase of the Sécheron park and ride facilities to the south. This design makes the walk over the footbridge differ greatly according to where you are, the two sides never having the same height. The view over the trains is partly hidden so that the eyes are caught by a unique longitudinal view opening up to the south of the town. The inner part of the bridge is covered with transparent glass panels that are illuminated at night with effects that play on the concept of transparency or perforation from which the structural design emerges evanescently.

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Passerelle de la Paix

Rue des Cordiers
5 1207 Genève

Tél: +41 22 700 75 00

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Arrêt "France": Ligne 15 Arrêt "Rigot": Lignes 11, 28 Arrêt "Mines": Lignes 1, 25

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