Immeuble les Communailles


Habitation, Commerce et artisanat, Espaces publics

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Fondation Immobilière de la Ville d'Onex (FIVO)

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Riedweg & Gendre SA ; Perrin, Spaeth & associés ; Schumacher Ingénieurie SA ; Pascal Heyraud architecte paysagiste

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9'407 m2






CLR architectes

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The new low-rent “Les Communailes” building is in line with the logic of the urban development scheme of the Onex cité district (André Marais, 1959), that is to say a long, narrow building measuring seventy meters in length oriented according to the orthogonal geometry of the 1960s. Its height of eight storeys on a ground floor also fits in with its built environment. The ninety-six apartments are reached by two unique staircases which themselves are accessed under a porch, by a large hall, at street level. It also connects on a half floor to the car park located on the courtyard side. The project’s density allows six entrance doors to be found for the apartments on each floor. They are single aspect, corner apartments or double aspect apartments. The research into the quality of circulation areas led to the installation of skylights allowing natural light to penetrate above the staircase and on the sides by horizontal projections on the façade on alternating floors. This inner environment is all in raw concrete. The volume of the building allows a rather complex design for the envelope covering which recalls images of assemblies by interlinking evoking the Tetris game or the design of a Chinese puzzle. Here the components of the facades, in tinted precast concrete attached to the bearing structure, give the impression of being all different and composing a large puzzle in which the openings are subtly distributed.

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Immeuble les Communailles

Vieux-Grenadiers 8 1205 Genève

Tél: 022 322 29 00

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Arrêt "Onex-Marché": Lignes 2 - 19 - 21

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