Logements Jardins de la Gradelle



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Moser Ingénierie SA

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Architecte Paysagiste : Studio Vulkan / Ing. CV : Rigot+Rieben / Bureau FC Ing. Sanitaire : Schumacher Ingénierie SA Ing. Electricité : Mab-Ingénierie SA

Surface brute

10'700 m2


51 mio





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On the outskirts of the large complex of La Gradelle (Jan Hentsch and Jacques Zbinden, 1961-1968), whose great morphological and landscape quality is finally beginning to be recognized, the urban context of the place is like that of the western peripheries, with a non-contiguous order and a lack of density. The proposal made here to create a constellation of three buildings generating a centrality allows to exist in the middle of scattered objects. In an identical way for the three buildings, the apartments lean and wrap themselves around the distributive core, offering mono-oriented plans, almost organic, but all benefiting from views on each of the angles of the non-orthogonal built form. The more than generous terraces, and freely shifting from one floor to another, anticipate the need for the outdoors that the 2020s emphasized during the pandemic. The typological diversity is found in the deployment of openings that freely scandalize the envelope of its large glass panels. Thanks to a cultural vision of the owner who invested beyond the current rule of the typical Geneva rent control, the project was able to instill an extra detail and materiality. For example, the heart of each volume is exploited by a stairwell that emphasizes the notion of ascent, of journeys, with a wealth of crossed views. Spatiality is reinforced by the presence of silky concrete, oak doors and zenithal light that distills the sun's rays into this richly proportioned void. Philippe Meier

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Projet de Logements pour les Jardins de la Gradelle
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Logements Jardins de la Gradelle

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