Restauration de la cité du Lignon



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Office du patrimoine et des sites (OPS) - DALE - République et Canton de Genève, Office cantonal de l’énergie (OCEN) - DIME - République et Canton de Genève, Comité Central du Lignon

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SORANE S.A. Ingénieurs conseils en rationalisation énergétique, Dominique Chuard architecte

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The cite de Lignon was designed by the architect Georges Addor and his partners (1963-1971). This monumental complex is composed of eight-four corridors of roughly one kilometre in length, making this object the longest “long narrow block” in Europe at the time of its execution. It has been protected since 2009 by a site plan. Aware of the challenges associated with this element of great heritage value, the public authorities were incited to undertake a prior global study of the intervention strategies. This foresight made it possible to control the restoration of the many constructions with a long-term vision of the future image of this iconic object in the architectural production of the 1960s in Geneva. The research work was entrusted to the l’Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (TSAM). The study made it possible to validate a whole series of conservatory measures necessary for bringing this envelope into conformity with energy standards. The one hundred and twenty-five thousand square meters of curtain wall constitutes a unique case in the canton. The study’s announced objective is to retain as much as possible of the substance of this curtain wall, a feature of the building whose construction system at the time was very simple: a glass skin composed of a standard window with wood and aluminium frame, fastened to a rational structure in reinforced concrete. Four possible methods have been put forward for replacing all or part of the elements of this immense envelope.

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Restauration de la cité du Lignon

Laboratoire des Techniques et de la Sauvegarde de l’Architecture Moderne (TSAM) Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL-ENAC-TSAM) BP 4126 (bâtiment polyvalent) Station 16 1015 Lausanne

Tél: +41 21 693 36 29

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Arrêt "Cité Lignon": Lignes 7 - 9 - 23 - 51

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Images ©Jaeger - centre d'iconographie genevoise, ©Claudio Merlini et ©archives Addor & Julliard Plans ©F. Graf & G. Marino