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ab ingénieurs sa

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GpG | ANB - VIE Valorisation Immobilière Ethique SA et Association Nicolas Bogueret

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Energy Plus Ingénieurs SA, Ingenius Sàrl

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16'164 m2







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Urban morphology - The implementation shall be shaped so as to soften the edge by adding an additional side opening on the station square, and enabling a smoother flow with the new street. Besides, the separation between both buildings is being modified so as to resonate with the main geometric pattern of the railway infrastructure. Public spaces - At ground-floor level, several walkways giving access to buildings entrances create porosity, thus connecting the very contrasted North and South outside spaces. Inside, vertical circulation occurs through light-bathed stairways made of glass blocks and further lit by broad skylight systems in the roof. Housing typology - The apartments mostly offer a double exposure, except for three rooms with an exclusive South orientation. This layout reflects the quality of the estate, namely a vast esplanade on the northern side opening on a green landscape, and South, a pedestrian street defined by two urban alignments. All housing units thus benefit from the contrasted characteristics of the district. Tectonics and measure - Echoing the railway station, whose roof shell and visible parts reminds of large glazed pixels, the buildings follow the architectural design of a regular grid providing a domestic housing program in the manner of urban shelves. Thus, the large scale of the infrastructure reaches out to the modular design of the buildings.

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Logements CEVA Chêne-Bourg A - PROJET

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