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Michel Buffo Thomas Jundt

Maître de l'ouvrage

Ville de Genève

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Pascal Heyraud Sarl Eclairage: Les Architectes Associés, Lyon

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3'250 m2




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Pascal Heyraud sàrl - Nussbaumer Perone architectes

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The landscaping and architectural treatment of the Velodrome square is based on a very detailed analysis of the pre-existing situation to generate, through a few highly targeted interventions, its new identity. After recognizing that the thirteen plane trees and the slight difference in level between the street and the future square were the bases of this project, the authors developed a concept marked by minimalism that radically transformed a parking area into a living space for the district. The wall that makes the transition between the pavement and the square contains all the quality of the approach: on the edge, it offers a use in the form of a foundation, its character as a structure allows the retention of a promontory for the original trees and its material - a white concrete composed of crushed light gravel, then deactivated and washed - gives the place a textured character. The rest of the operation consists in clearly defining the ground partitions: in front of the building that encloses the public space, a square designed with the same concrete is accompanied by subtle ramps laid at an angle, punctuating the modest difference in level with the large surface of the same white gravel that slips under the preserved trees. To the west of the square, an elegant helical ramp allows soft mobility to access the artificial ground that gives access to the "walkway slab" that connects the modernist buildings located at the rear. It rises in a very vegetal universe that echoes a pre-existence of the site, further west in the form of a related private garden. Philippe Meier

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