CERN - place des Particules


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République et Canton de Genève

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Anastasi Ingegneria Locarno, Solcà elettroprogetti Lugano

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21'000 m2







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A concept at territorial level :- Linearity alongside the Meyrin road. - Particules square.
 - Museum Park.
 - Sciences and Innovation Park. The way along the Meyrin route is enhanced by interesting perspective effects created through an architecture composed of green walls made of trees developing a pyramidal form and a dense layer of plants. The eye switches between deep perspectives and side-opening windows. The " Particules square" concept - Entrance doors - Flow separation - Physical and relational connections On arriving at the Cern after having gone down the street with its rows of trees developing a pyramidal form, one comes across a first significant spot: the access door, a large green space that needs to be crossed. One reaches the central space, an open square, a delineated and clearly recognizable surface area, which links and connects with one another the main public representative and reception buildings of the Cern. The large square, slightly higher than its surroundings, thus becomes a privileged place, safely used by pedestrians in a slowed down traffic : a platform fostering encounters, social exchange, the ideal place for any kind of event, evocation and celebration. The new building could become an element of connection and communication between the globe, the square and the "Museum Park" located behind, as an invitation addressed to visitors to enjoy a peaceful moment in the shade. Symbolization of the LHC in the landscape The theme of the collider pervades the entire surroundings through the repetition of its symbol, which is to be seen here and there along the way, by chance or because one has been informed in advance. Imagination helps assessing, and maybe approaching, the vastness of what is at stake at the Cern.

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CERN - place des Particules


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Arrêt "CERN": Lignes 18, Y