Surélévation immeuble place du Cirque



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Bassi Carella Marello Architectes

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In Geneva there is much debate on the issue of raising buildings. This is often done to increase the area of dwellings and the result is very often not really in keeping with what already exists. Here, the works on an ancient building adjacent to Victoria Hall entails a clear separation between what exists and the new part. The former roof, heavily and poorly transformed during the 20th century, was removed along with its cornice, then replaced in precisely the same place by a contemporary concrete storey, formed of a colonnade of rectangular pillars. The position of the new structure, presenting two different dimensions, according to the facets of the polygonal form of the plot, was precisely chosen by observing the differences in proportions between the rendered masonry and the existing moldings. The added material, the precast tinted concrete, contrasts in a dialectic relationship with the molasse of the frames and cornices. The sought matching of texture and colour between the stone and concrete creates a transition that appears to be an obvious assertion whilst remaining contextual. The glass “skin” of the added administrative building in the background blends into the rhythm of the precast concrete components. The use of natural wood joinery is also an additional link that seeks to unify the two parts.

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Surélévation immeuble place du Cirque

Avenue Rosemont 6 - 1208 Genève

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Arrêt "Cirque": Lignes 1 - 2 - 15 - 19 - 32

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