Surélévation d'un immeuble de logements - Sécheron



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AML Immo Conseils SA (direction des travaux) Karim Noureldin (artiste)

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Raphael Nussbaumer

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In the heart of a typically 19th century urban area constructed over several decades, the project to raise the height of a small nineteen fifties building takes an assertive stance and presents a radical departure from the style of neighbouring façades where horizontal windows predominate. This “picture” in Rue de Sécheron consists of completely redesigned openings, a clever way to ensure that old and new coexist. The windows have been brought forward flush with the rendered outer skin. The elevation seems like a kind of artwork, a feeling strengthened by the coppery hues of the finishing touch contributed by the artist Karim Noureldin. While the existing apartments have not been altered and still run through from front to back, with the exception of their enlargement on the south side by the winter garden, the four apartments offered in the raised part of the building provide a wealth of new features including a dual aspect space with a multi-purpose room bringing light to the hall, a studio and two split levels. The extension has been constructed in timber to reduce the load on the existing structure, whose supports were not sufficient to meet the new seismic standards. With its two different faces, the project seeks to address two typical urban situations while providing a high quality response to the environment: to the north the very well insulated flat façade and to the south the glass planes of the winter gardens that enlarge the living rooms and extend the view far over the city, taking advantage of a gap between the buildings.

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Surélévation d'un immeuble de logements - Sécheron

Raphaël Nussbaumer Architectes Rue du Simplon 5
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