Quartier de la Coupe Gordon-Bennett A&B


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Schaeffer Bartolini, Ingeni, ZS Ingénieurs, Pillet, Sansonnens, Perreten & Milleret

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Implenia Development + Suva + Acquéreurs privés

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ADR Architectes paysagistes: aménagements extérieurs

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LRS Architectes

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The new “Coupe-Gordon-Bennett” district replaces old warehouses facing Le Lignon. It stems from a town planning scheme that provides for a central pedestrian walkway around which are scattered five courtyard buildings, which gradually loose height at they get nearer to the villas to the south east. Great architectural consistency was needed to protect the district’s image. The two first buildings are located to the northwest. The first, called “Mistral” CGB, is intended for administrative offices. These offices are laid out in a circle on the perimetre and accessed by two service blocks. An interior reception courtyard with double height and an open courtyard brings light into the heart of the building. The eighty-seven dwellings in the building called “Sirocco” are double aspect or corner apartments. The apartments vary in size from three to six rooms. For a courtyard building, the question of the treatment of “incoming angles” is of paramount importance. In this case the approach is to create a room going off the living room. The buildings all have a large linear balcony surrounding the external envelope, whose colour is green. They each also have a courtyard by which the dwellings can be accessed and a different wall expression: for example one is pale yellow with large staggered windows. The landscaping is also different for each.

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Quartier de la Coupe Gordon-Bennett A&B

Rue des Pâquis 35 - 1201 Genève

Tél: 022 906 05 95


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Arrêt "SIG Lignon": Lignes 9 & 51

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