Espaces publics CEVA Chêne-Bourg


Équipements publics, Espaces publics

Date de réalisation


Ingénieur civil

Ingphi SA, Lausanne

Maître de l'ouvrage

République et Canton de Genève, Commune de Chêne-Bourg

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

ILEX Sas, Lyon Scherler SA, Genève

Surface brute

31'500 m2






EMA architectes associés

Descriptif Descriptif

Over its extended area, the project intends to tighten the discontinued and loosened urban fabric of the Chêne-Bourg district. In completing the existing urban routes in a punctual and subtle manner, the project adds an additional layer which reveals, without ever imposing, the urban structure inherent to this district. The project is built on frames which create different spaces, through suggested escapes, green walkways, volumes revealing clearly defined city blocks that let pedestrians flow through. These various layers enrich Chêne-Bourg urban palimpsest. The design of the public spaces of the CEVA station in Chêne-Bourg is structured on a common mineral base bringing together spaces of variable geometry. The project is organized around the station and its glass esplanade. A subtle and differential treatment of the ground defines the backbone of the project, thus identifying the different uses and hierarchical structure of the various existing spaces. Small square gardens of 5.40 x 5.40 m, extending from the station, invest the space of the site and create different vegetal environments. They materialize into various forms and successively build an extension of the "note", the tower garden or the meeting point of the station square.

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Espaces publics CEVA Chêne-Bourg

EMA architectes associés SA
rue de la Navigation 21bis
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