Cycle d'orientation de Drize



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Ingénieur civil

Ingeni SA, Lausanne

Maître de l'ouvrage

Etat de Genève, Département des constructions et des technologies de l'information (DCTI), pour le Département de l'instruction publique, de la culture et du sport (DIP)

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

Ingénieur CV: Jakob Forrer SA ; Ingénieur S: Zanini-Baechli et Associés SA ; Ingénieur E: Betelec SA; Ingénieur acousticien: Gartenmann Engineering AG, Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG

Surface brute

17'066 m2






TEKHNE,Brauen Waelchli Architectes

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Descriptif Descriptif

The new Drize middle school is located on the edge of a small natural plateau and stands parallel to the land’s existing slope. Benefiting from this slight incline, the project uses a classic linear typology - classrooms in the southeast and common areas in the northwest – to highlight the design of a cross section that becomes one of the building’s strong features. Here, the position of the three sports halls should be noted: they have been placed looking over to the Jura landscape and are aligned along the 140m length of the building. You enter the school by the upper part of the plot through a porch that opens out on to the main hall. From there you can go to the common refectory located on two floors and to the classrooms distributed over the three upper floors, facing the sports halls. A large corridor clearly separates these two parts of the project and benefits from the natural light that enters through the sports areas. The building’s structural envelope is key element of this school building. Adopting a geometric approach based on the surrounding trees, the design of the building’s precast concrete bearer elements is a feature of this construction. Placed outside the envelope all in glass, they create shadow effects between the two planes of the façade. The work of artists, taking several forms inside the school, is also worthy of notice.

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Cycle d'orientation de Drize

B+W architecture sa, Ueli Brauen + Doris Wälchli, Place de l'Europe 8
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