Surélévation rue de Lausanne



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Thomas Jundt ingénieurs civils sa

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non communicable

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7'568 m2






Lacroix Chessex

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Set on a long modernist bar from the sixties, the white elevation fits precisely into the urban landscape of the entrance to the city of Geneva. The crossing character of the proposal highlights a dichotomy of the place with, to the east, the lake and the alpine panorama that one dominates and receives as a visual offering and, to the west, a district composed of large buildings of the international economy that one feels as being the mark of the scale of the intervention. Beyond the volumetric integration, the project displays a beautiful mastery in the typological tangle of the three levels of apartments created. Above a full floor of simplex, the duplexes alternate with rooms accessible either upwards or downwards. Recurrently, the living rooms open to the view and are extended by generous terraces. The design of the cross-section, thanks to a slight difference in level, makes it possible to offer a little more space to the living rooms and a little more light to the heart of the dwelling, whose spatial compression is reinforced by a materiality in raw concrete. The latter is also justified by a structural principle, inspired by the Vierendeel type, which links to the existing cores to brace the whole. The white marble slabs of the elevated building are answered by white concrete panels that the aggregates of this same metamorphic rock anchor to the pre-existing building domain and whose subtle modenatures make its writing belong to the contemporary. Philippe Meier

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Swiss performance 2021

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Lauréat 2020 catégorie extension/surélévation

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Surélévation rue de Lausanne

Lacroix Chessex - rue des Cordiers 4 CH-1207 Genève

Tél: +4122 300 54 07

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bus 1 et 25 - arrêt jardin botanique tram 15 - arrêt maison de la paix puis à pied