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ab ingénieurs sa, Chêne-Bougeries

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Etat de Genève_Département des Finances_Office des Bâtiments

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paysagiste: oxalis architectes paysagistes associés; ing. CVC: BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA; ing. S: Schumacher & CHIngS ingénieurs SA; ing. E: srg engineering; réalisation: architech sa

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19'971 m2






Meier + associés architectes

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The new business school is set up in a wide strip of vegetation that belongs to a "greenery penetrating" on the left bank. Its "four-pointed star" shape creeps into the trees and opens its arms to the distant horizons of the great Geneva landscape. The necessary compactness of the building in this place gives this atypical composition. The superposition of the institution's various programs made it possible, with the three gymnasiums stacking one on top of the other as the highlight. The entrance to the school is on the east side, in front of a former bourgeois house that articulates a piece of territory in full mutation. The thousand students are welcomed on the ground floor in a space that faces outwards and shows the large dimensions of the architectural object. Two public staircases cross the five levels of the building. The main one is installed at the crossroads of the four wings and accompanies the ascent to the balcony over the sports halls. In addition to the classrooms, whose entirely glazed aspect opens the view towards the surrounding nature, the building houses a three-hundred seat aula with a lateral natural light socket, a large master room and a two-storey media library. The reinforced concrete construction is left visible in all major spaces and the shoreline is described by posts whose density decreases with the floors and whose random rhythm refers to the idea of plant branching that characterizes the site. Each pillar is load-bearing and is surrounded by a concrete element "BFUP" which draws an abstract and white grid in the heart of this wooded plot. Philippe Meier

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concours architecture SIA 142
premier prix

prix Bilan Immobilier 2018
catégorie bâtiment public

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meier + associés architectes rue du Môle 38 bis 1201 Genève

Tél: 022 715 48 48

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Lignes 1 et 9, arrêt 'Gradelle'