Place du Molard


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Ville de Genève

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Artiste: Christian Robert-Tissot, Ingénieur éclairagiste: LD Licht Design, Ingénieur mobilité: CITEC (concours)

Surface brute

3'300 m2




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Place Molard is one of Geneva’s historical places, located, along with place de la Fusterie and place Longemalle, at the foot of the medieval hill and near the lake. Today it brings to mind shops and restaurants for tourists more than its former status of square linked to the port that borders is. The decision was made, when renovating this public square, to focus on the material of the horizontal coating, pitchers of black anthracite basalt, without wishing to rival, at any price, with nearby world of consumerism and its ephemeral store displays. The concept draws its force and consistency from this analysis. It thus reinforces the elongated trapezium form in the urban space whilst enhancing the value of stonework facades that surround it. The choice of pitchers here goes much further than the wish to transmit historical know-how and local culture to future generations. In fact the added artistic value stems from the proposal of Christian Robert-Tissot to replace some pitchers with randomly scattered luminous points which proportionally increase in number as you get nearer to the banks of Lake Geneva. The replacement of stone by silica, in the same moulded form as “glass pitchers" gives a festive feeling by which the place invites.

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Place du Molard

1) 2b architectes: Av. de Beaumont 22a CH-1012 Lausanne +41 21 617 58 17 -
2) Stéphane Collet architecte epfl & Cécile Albana Presset architecte paysagiste 20 av. de Jurigoz CH-1006 Lausanne t+f +41 21 617 57 17

Tél: NC

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Arrêt "Molard": Lignes 2 - 7 - 10 - 12

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Image 1 ©2b architectes et Stephane Collet architecte, Images 2 à 4 ©A. Grandchamp - Ville de Genève, Image 5 ©C.A.Presset Plans ©2b architectes