Groupe scolaire des Ouches


Éducation, Équipements publics

Date de réalisation


Ingénieur civil

Amsler & Bombeli SA

Maître de l'ouvrage

Ville de Genève

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

Roberto CARELLA (direction des travaux)

Surface brute

8'140 m2






Bassi Carella Marello Architectes

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Descriptif Descriptif

The rapid development of the Ouches district with, ultimately, the creation of several hundred dwellings, made necessary, in the early 2000s, the creation of a new school. This public building is located on the edge of Aïre garden city, thus the decision was made to enhance inner circulation areas and keep to small dimensions in order to fit into the surrounding environment of family villas of the early 20th century. A wide central walkway crosses the school from one end to the other and gives access to the entrances to the school, day nursery and school restaurant part of the project. The rectangular shape of the floor plan is simple, whilst incorporating a special spatial feature, that is to say two open courtyards that break up the plan’s elementary geometry. It allows both natural light to enter the heart of the building and softens the building’s lines in its relationship with its heritage environment. This is demonstrated by the floor’s interior layout: a veritable architectural promenade where natural light accompanies pupils as they move through the building. The bearing structure is punctuated by a regular frame of steel posts and beams that are entirely covered with plasterboard for fire protection. The façade features alternating glass bands in which openable windows have been placed at regular intervals, and cladding in translucent glass, this all underlined by anodised aluminium bands.

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Groupe scolaire des Ouches

Avenue Rosemont 6 - 1208 Genève

Tél: +41 22 700 81 81

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Arrêt "Les Ouches": Lignes 6 - 19 - 22 - 51

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Images ©Laurence Bonvin Plans ©BASSICARELLA architectes