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schlaich bergermann und partner gmbh

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Organisation Mondiale du Commerce

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Conseil Maître d'ouvrage Fondation des immeubles pour les organisations internationales (FIPOI) Directeur du projet pom+Consulting AG Spécialistes Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH Weinmann Energies SA MAB Ingénierie SA Bobran Ingenieure Entreprise Générale Implenia Entreprise Générale SA

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14'500 m2






wittfoht architekten

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The west extension of the former International Labour Office (ILO) dating back to the 1920s, whose transformation was made jointly for the WTO, is installed perpendicular to Geneva Lake and rue de Lausanne. Placed on a vast rectangular base, covered with wooden slats, the new administrative building separates from the artificial ground by the overhang of four storeys, the ground floor set back. There are many entrances (rue de Lausanne, Barton park or the central headquarters) which are controlled at every point of the site’s protection enclosure. The restaurant with seating for two hundred and fifty, located at the south-east end of the base, opens on to Barton park. In this half-buried basement, there is also a print workshop, a data center and technical rooms. Below there are two hundred parking places for the international organisation’s delegates. The office typology offers up to three hundred open-space work places, with conference rooms on the lake side and a few spaces partitioned with glass walls. Two vertical circulation blocks are placed symmetrically at the centre. The floors are connected, two by two, by an interior staircase. The envelope of this building, certified Minergie P®, is composed of a fully glazed double skin, with a white-doted screen-printed external panel. The architectural intention is to make the building disappear in the reflection of the abundant greenery surrounding it.

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Extension de l'OMC

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