Immeubles Caroline Context


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EDMS SA / ESM Ingénierie SA

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Christian Dupraz Architectes Jean-Philippe Schopfer- Responsable projet Claude Sauro - Direction travaux

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942.26 m2




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The discreet urban project “Caroline Context”, the opportunity to fill a rare “hollow tooth” in this district, was implemented in three separate operations. The first concerns the creation of a small building between two existing buildings with different set backs from the street. The residential building erected there is very narrow (five metres wide) and relatively deep (fourteen metros). It comprises four double aspect apartments along with two single-floor apartments and a triplex in the loft. The facades have the same repetitive precast tinted concrete components and glass or painted aluminium sections. The second conversion located in the courtyard, concerns the workshop of the architect himself. This small unit fits cleverly into the inner space of the square in which it takes up a precise place, facing the passageway under the building and opening up on to a small park at the heart of the block. Planned on three floors, including the basement, the work rooms benefit from natural light from large full-height windows, a skylight and an English-style small inner courtyard. There is concrete again here, but covered with a lighter shade of paint, with large openings positioned in relation to the inside, lined with lightly lazured pinewood. The third phase is a “transformation-raising” which allows a few apartments to be created in a building existing on the northern limit of the land.

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Immeubles Caroline Context

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