Restauration de l'immeuble "Miremont-le-Crêt"



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Ingénieur civil

ab ingénieurs SA

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Communauté des copropriétaires de l'immeuble Miremont 8 ABC

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ingénieur chauffage-ventilation: SB technique SBt SA ingénieur sanitaire: Schumacher Ingénierie SA ingénieur électricité: Dumont-Schneider SA

Surface brute

8'200 m2




mandat d'études parallèles


meier + associés architectes, avec Atelier Oleg Calame

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The Miremont-le-Crêt building was designed by the Geneva architect Marc-Joseph Saugey (1953-1957). It is among the most emblematic housing projects of the 1950s both as regards typology – concept of “house in space” - and its architectural expression. The building was listed in 2002 by the canton of Geneva. Based on a vast library of archives, comprising practically all the details of construction at the time, the restoration project drew up a diagnosis for the healthy and obsolescent parts of the building, then implemented solutions for minimal modernisation from the point of view of the impact on Saugey's design. In order to respect the original substance, only a few parts have been identically replaced by new pieces, such as the openings and the exterior glazing frames. The interior frames in pine could thus be retained. Another challenge of the renovation concerns panel components in precast concrete. These needed cleaning and, in some places, recovering. The substance could be fully conserved, based on the results of numerous tests of concrete recipes. All the locks have been, as far as possible, conserved and cleaned before being reinstalled. Only the store windows had to be reconstructed with a slightly thicker insulating profile than the original.

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Restauration de l'immeuble "Miremont-le-Crêt"

meier + associés architectes Rue du Môle
38 1201 Genève

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Arrêt "Calas": Lignes 1, 3, 35 Arrêt "Miremont": Ligne 3

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