Logements et crèche rue du Cendrier


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Sancha SA

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Fondation Ville de Genève pour le Logement Social et Ville de Genève et Service d'Architecture Ville de Genève

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3'476 m2






Jaccaud Spicher Architectes Associés,Sergison Bates architects

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The multi-functional building – comprising a day nursery on the first three floors and low-cost apartments above – stands in an angle position in Saint-Gervais, one of the most ancient medieval districts of the town. The building must be inserted on this complex plot, between two very different existing buildings: to the north, that of a 1950’s shopping mall – designed by the famous Geneva architect, Marc-Joseph Saugey – and to the west that of the former Women's School (“Ecole Ménagère"). To find a solution for this difficult urban insertion, the construction has a slightly folded structure with slight staggering that allows a continuation of the lines of the two existing bases, whilst creating a dialogue with the form of the two Saugey office towers. After passing through the large entrance gate on rue Rousseau, you enter the day nursery and the dwellings by an outside circulation area part of the volume, leaving visible the staircase on the façade on the courtyard side. This type of access is inspired by the ancient courtyards of neighbouring buildings dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and reinterpreted here. There are three or four low-rent apartments proposed per floor. They have a single aspect, are on a corner or have a double aspect. The day nursery, on the road side, plays its social role of integration into the neighbourhood.

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Logements et crèche rue du Cendrier

Jaccaud Spicher Architectes Associés

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Arrêt "Simon-Goulart": Lignes 1 - 14 - 15 Arrêt "Coutance": Lignes 3 - 5 - 10 - 14 - 18 - 19 Arrêt "Chantepoulet": Lignes 6 - 8 - 9 -25

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Image "avant travaux" et plans ©Jaccaud Spicher Architectes Associés Images ©Joël Tettamanti